Manfrotto Backloader M Backpack – Review

The Manfrotto Prolight 2 Backloader M Manfrotto Backloader backpack is available in two sizes: S and M. This review specifically focuses on the backpack size M variant, which provides ample space and functionality for photographers on the go. Backpack has been my trusted travel companion on photography adventures across Ireland, Norway, and the

Manfrotto Backloader M Backpack – Review2023-06-13T17:53:40+00:00

Gimbal Manfrotto MVG220 – Review

Experience with the Manfrotto MVG220 Gimbal This text is about my subjective impression of using gimbal Manfrotto MVG220. It is a test conducted during a rainy spring weather while shooting a two weeks during documentary film called "Malinká" (Means:The Little One | Premiere date: late 2022). I tested this gimbal on the west coast

Gimbal Manfrotto MVG220 – Review2023-06-13T20:13:15+00:00

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